Wooden Ball for Balance Board

Wooden Ball for Balance Board

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Balance Ball Features:

  • The new gadget in our META2BALANCEBOARD family that will take your BALANCE LIFE to a new level!
  • Our Ball is a natural pine tree wood ball which is perfectly designed for our tricks – this will bring you a hell of a fun experience.
  • The momentum created by the ball is very different from the roller, it’s unpredictable and 360° in all directions, super exciting stuff.
  • The feeling you get is even closer to a surf session and the feeling of riding a wave – you will be stoked for sure!
  • Just try to keep your balance as long as possible on the ball and while doing this you automatically train your core and your leg muscles.


  • Material: Solid Wood
  • Size:
    • AC-WB-01: Dia.5cm
    • AC-WB-02: Dia.11cm
    • AC-WB-02: Dia.14cm
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A variety of balance board accessories are offered for our clients to achieve an extra enjoyment of balance while playing.

Available balance board base options: balance roller, half-moon rocker, air cushion, ball and orbits.

For more accessories for balance and fitness: yoga/fitness mat, balance board rack for storage, dumbbells for fitness, etc. Just Contact Us Freely.

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