Wooden Balance Board Surf PRO-2

Wooden Balance Board Surf PRO-2

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Balance Board Features:

  • WOOD PRINT: sexy, plastic-free prints, perfect grip barefoot and with shoes
  • Board SHAPE: our board is bent like a banana which translates into a natural riding experience; makes your board faster and turns easier
  •  FLEX: the unique “sandwich construction” brings elasticity to the board; nicer riding experience and better for more tricks
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: makes the board very easy to turn; gives the board a lot of “pop” for pro tricks.


  • Model: Balance Board PRO-2
  • Board Material: Wooden
  • Roller Material: Cork
  • Board Size: 74 * 30 * 1.2cm
  • Roller Size: Dia.10*40cm/45cm
  • Surface: Thermal Transfer Printing
  • Packing: Gift box
  • MOQ: 100pcs
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Designer Series – Balance Board Surf PRO-2

Multi-Styling of Balance Boards for Market Needs

Endless Designs To Fit Local Tastes

Balance board surfaces are available in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes, including thermal transfer printing, dyeing, veneer gluing, varnish spraying.

  • Thermal Transfer Printing for Roller Balance Boards

  • Veneer Gluing Ideas for Wooden Balance Board Surface


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