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Follow these steps to customize the balance board for your brand.

Awesome Board Shape

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Advanced Surface for surf balance board design

Step 2

Confirm the Surface Design
(Board Surface Technology)

Step 3

Confirm the Board Back
(With Stoppers or not)

Step 4

Confirm the Board Base
(Roller, Ball, etc.)

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Meta2Balance, a balance board manufacturer, focuses on balance board production with OEM & ODM service. These devices are designed to challenge our balance, and get fun to use.

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Wooden Balance Board: The Complete FAQ Guide

Are you looking for a balance board manufacturer? Do you have a high demand for your designed wooden balance board in your fitness distribution center? If your answers to these questions are yes, your search has come to an end.

In this FAQ Guide, we will discuss the most important aspects of the balance board. It will help you in understanding the technicalities and choosing the right product.

Let’s dive in.

1. What is a balance board?

Balance Board can be defined as an equipment used to develop personal skills, such as, agility training, body control, body awareness improvement, muscle-joint enhancement, mind-muscle connection, etc. It is basically applied to therapy as well as recreation.
With user’s two feet, each at opposite end of the board, trying not to let the board edge touch the ground, at the same time, standing or even wobbling back and forth to keep balance and avoid falling down from the board.

surf balance board

2. Types of balance boards (different board for different consumers)

In order to meet the different functional needs of users of balance training, sports brands or rehabilitation products companies have designed and developed three major styles of balance training board.

Type 1. Balance Board with a Roller (or a pad/ball)

The classic version of the balance board set consists of a rectangular board and a roller.

As a fitness tool to add a whole new dimension (Harnessing balance) to the body workout, helps you improve core strength, balance, coordination, train strength, train muscle memory, and stamina.

For boardsports balance training, you can train balance, tricks and movements without the waves, great to build better balance for boardsports like Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding, Standup Paddle, etc.

According to the simulation of different sports balance training, the size of the balance board, board shape, and the style of the base are certain upgrades custom designed to meet the different needs of athletes.

Balance Board Accessories

Type2. Wobble Balance Board

Nowadays, with rising demand for child and yoga use, a type of balance board which is different from the balance board in a broad sense, has been popular worldwide, namely the wobble balance board.

Type3. Wobble Rocker Board

A board with a fixed wobble rocker base. Here list 3 functions of rocker wooden board for reference.

  1. As an exercise balance board, it is easier to do workout on it for better body core training.
  2. Also, it can be used as a standing desk balance board at home or office.
  3. As a physical therapy balance board for injury rehabilitation exercise. It is ideal for optimal stretches to your feet, ankles, calves, quads, hips and hamstrings.

It is also a great tool for the rehabilitation of achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other lower leg injuries. Daily practice with Physical Therapy Rocker Board can also reduce knee pain, help recover from Patellar Tendonitis, increase dorsiflexion, and provide nutrients for your cartilage.

BB-03 Round wobble balance board for ankle rehab

In this post, we will discuss more the type 1 balance board with a roller base.

3. What is the structure of the wooden balance board?

The wooden Balance Board is made of 10-layer plywood (or custom layer numbers/thickness as the requirement), basically, we provide three types of wood for options, of which the price varies and our clients can choose according to their individual demand. Please move to read Part 4 to know more about the balance board wood row material.

4. What is the material we choose to make the balance board and why?

The material we choose to produce rock-roller board is eucalyptus wood, northeast China maple wood or Canadian maple wood.

Eucalyptus wood is the most economic wood, with 10-layer of that, the 1.5cm thickness ensures product’s load bearing to be up to 100kgs, while this type of wood is much thicker than that of maple wood.

Northeast China maple wood(10-layer, 1.4cm) is stronger with over 150kgs load-bearing and kind of more costly than the eucalyptus ones.

Canadian maple wood is the most expensive material we use to produce balance board, as this kind of material is even harder than the northeast China maple wood and it has a more beautiful natural grain.

Premium balance board

With regard to Wobble balance board. The 10-ply birch and beech wood is adopted, as unlike eucalyptus or maple wood which is extremely hard to make that bent, the birch and beech wood is easier to make it curved.

5. What is the max weight load of the balance board?

The Maximum Weight Recommendation for the Balance Board Surf Trainer

  • 10-ply eucalyptus wood: 100kgs
  • 10-ply northeast China maple wood: up to 150kgs
  • 11-ply Canadian maple wood: up to 200kgs

6. Balance board bottom design(with/without stoppers)

The balance boards can be placed on rollers of different sizes made of hard paper material or cork and sometimes have small stoppers on the bottom left and right.

Especially for beginners, these stoppers are essential and protect against accidents, because with the block of stoppers, the role would not slip away.

Based on the level of our clients’ targeted market, the stoppers can also be customized to be removed or fixed. The difficulty of the workout depends on both stoppers and the roller size. The larger the roller, the more challenging it is to balance.

And the material of the stopper has two options: ABS plastic and wood (same as the balance board part).

Updated stopper type: Balance Board Trainer with Adjustable Removable Stoppers.  This Surfing Balance Board is fully equipped with 2 Removable Stoppers, 4 Screws to help you adjust the distance for your preferred level; For beginners, there are 3 different distances for you to practice and switch between different levels: 11, 16, and 22 inches; For advanced riders, the stops can easily be removed for full freedom and no boundaries; This allows for more tricks and more progressive than any other balance board on the market.

7. Production line of the balance board and surface technology?

In this part, you will know how the wooden surf balance board manufactured in the factory

Step 1:Maple Wood Selection

A Balance board with good quality depends on its superior raw wood quality. The initial selection of maple layers plays an essential role in manufacturing a perfect balance board product.

Step 2:Maple Layers Pressing
Under the great pressure of the veneer press machine, space between layers of wood is squeezed out, fulfilling the ten-layer maple wood with a satisfying load bearing of over 150 kgs.

Step 3:Balance Board Shaping
Engraved with the carving machine, the ten-layer maple wood is turned into multiple board shapes.

Step 4:Balance Board Polishing
The initial board shape is polished with a smooth edge and surface with the help of a grinding machine.
how to produce balance board (4)

Step 5:Surface Technology for the Balance Board

  • Thermal Transfer Printing
  • UV Printing
  • Sandpaper Cover
  • Varnish Spraying
  • Dyeing
  • Laser-Engraving
  • Carving
  • Painting
  • Veneer Gluing

Advanced Surface for surf balance board designThermal Transfer Printing, Sandpaper, Veneer Gluing, Painting for the wooden balance board

Step 6: Clear Varnish Spraying
Clear varnish protection on the wooden balance board surface makes it less likely to be damaged while playing.

Clear-Varnish-Spraying-for-Balance-Board-Surface-ProtectionClear Varnish Spraying for Balance Board Surface Protection

Step 8: Packaging for the balance board set

The balance board set consists of a board and a base (roller, pad, ball, or more ideas). Normally, all the products are put into a packaging paper box with nice protection.
balance board packagingBalance board packaging in our factory

Please note, the board is larger and thinner, and the roller is smaller but thicker, there will be more space in the carton. That means the shipping cost for the balance board will be high, even the storage cost in Amazon FBA or your local warehouse for the balance board.

So there are two suggestions for you

  1. Optimized packaging methods, read more details in Chapter 10 Balance Board Package Solution.
  2. Add other accessories. The balance board training can be used with some other fitness accessories, such as the training yoga mat (playing the balance board on the mat will be better for training), jump rope, resistance bands for fitness. Increase the unit price and maintain consistent shipping and storage charges.
    Balance Board Accessories

8. Custom design: logo printing, groove, laser, dye, thermal print

To make a unique balance board, surface technology plays an essential role in reaching this aim. As the most professional balance board manufacturer in China, we’ve dug deep and managed to form mature crafting ways regarding the board surface, we provide thermal transfer printing, dyeing, varnish spraying, laser-engraving, painting, etc.

Based on our client’s different requirements, we can recommend appropriate ways of surface crafting methods to help them achieve the goal and minimize the total cost at the same time. Advanced surface technology, as well as reasonable price, has made it possible to distinguish us from other normal factories in China.

9. Types of the rollers

Here introduce two types of rollers for reference, the PP Roller and the Cork Roller.

There are two sizes of PP Roller which are 45*10cm and 50*11cm. To offer customers a perfect balance boarding experience, the material we chose to make the PP Roller is an inner hard paper pipe with two ABS lids on both sides, then wrapped with wool-felt cloth to equip this roller with enough friction, so that boards won’t slide away, make it easier for the customer to play.

PP Balance Roller

The Cork Roller has four different sizes, varying from 33cm to 45cm in length and 10 to 15 in diameter. These four different versions make it possible for our clients to choose the most appropriate size based on an individual demand. Our eco-friendly cork roller is made of 100% high-density medium-fine grain cork from Portugal. No trees harvesting, after a series of procedures in handling the cork tree bark: firstly trimmed, then crushed, pressed, cut, and polished by machine, various premium solid cork rollers come into a round edge in two sides, which is durable and would not easy to break. After using for a long time, it would not lose shape. And it’s odor-resistant and self-cleaning.

10. Balance Board Package Solution

Solution A. Balance Board Set Packaging in One Large Carton Box

Advantage: After you receive the goods, you can sell the whole set directly and deliver it to the end-users, which is suitable for the online sales model. There is a texture and design of the whole set of packaging, there is a certain role of brand promotion.

Disadvantages: the volume of the package will be larger, logistics and transportation costs will be slightly higher.

To save the volume of transport, you can choose irregular cartons.

Solution A is suitable for set sales sellers, especially online e-commerce brands. Contact us to confirm your shipping costs for your imported balance board!
Separate packing for the board and roller

Solution B: 5-10 pcs of the balance boards or the rollers packed separately in different carton boxes.

Advantage: the number of similar products, the product volume is smaller, which can save the cost of transportation logistics, storage, etc.

Disadvantages: you need the warehouse and personnel in the sales local for your balance boards, because you may need to repack the products for your wholesale balance board customer.
This wooden balance board packaging idea is suitable for board and accessories as single product sales, or physical store sales of sellers.

So, it is recommended that you choose a more suitable packaging and shipping solution for the balance board, taking into account your sales model and transportation costs.

11. Levels of users(beginners, masters)

The multiple balance products provide the customers with different options, whether you’re beginners, intermediate learners, or even masters, our board model from primary to Pro will meet your requirement.

12. Current balance board situation (market demand)

At present, plenty of new niche brands has gradually emerged worldwide, especially in European regions. And they have successfully gained public attention with their unique board shapes as well as novel design and has managed to occupy a certain market in the domain of balance board.

Competitions among those balance board brands can be a feast of eyes. For those enthusiasts who love extreme sports, they are dying for conquering this type of exercise which requires certain skills to gain a sense of confidence and achievement.

However, due to the Pandemic of the Covid-19, outdoor sports are restricted, and a potential market for indoor sports has begun to emerge. As an auxiliary training and game tool for skateboarding sports, balance boards started to step into the public’s eye, which is deeply attractive to those who love skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. Under the impact of the epidemic, in stead of playing outside at risk, using a balance board at home has become a good alternative.

In addition, most foreign balance board brands use pure handcraft as their selling point for marketing. Although it is undeniable that handmade products are more exquisite and natural, it came out at the expense of high labour cost,to make matters worse, the Covid-19 pandemic came aggressively, forcing the local labour in recession,which resulted in the high cost of labour force, leading to the brands’ shortage in supplies. As the most professional balance board manufacturer in China, we can gain great opportunities under the circumstance.

13. Why balance boarding is popular with surfing and skiing players?

Balance Board’s DNA partly derives from board sports, which requires skillful tricks. In fact, balance board is not merely popular among surfing or skiing enthusiasts, it’s also prevalent in extreme sport populations. As standing on a balance board gives them a sense of feeling which is just like playing challenging sport. Mastering balance board sport offers them a sense of confidence and achievement.

14. Why do balance board training?

14.1 It Will Make You a Better Athlete

While doing the balance board training, your agility will be gradually improved. Agility is the ability to make quick transitions, which has been proved to be a fundamental skill in most sports. It will allow you to instantly transition from offense to defense and to better react to the unpredictability of the direction and your opposition.

Coordination is vastly improved when you train on a balance board. You will be more in tune with your body, better able to fluidly move from one position to another. This will result in the conservation of energy, allowing you to achieve maximum results for minimum output.
Balance board training will vastly improve your ability to stabilize your body.

playing balance boardBalance Board for Surfing Training

14.2 Develop Your Core Muscles with Less Injury Prone

The core muscles are comprised of a number of muscles that overlap and extend from the base of the neck to the muscles between the legs. As well as providing support to the torso, these muscles stabilize the spine. Every move that we make relies on core strength and stability.
Training on a balance board challenges your core constantly. The core strength that comes from training on a Balance Board will make you less prone to injury.

Balance Board for Fitness

14.3 Improve Your Brain

Regular balance board training will make you more spatially aware, enabling you to auto-correct your body position instantly when danger arises. Your proprioception will be enhanced, allowing your body to more effectively deal with balance-related challenges.

When you improve your balance and posture, your ability to focus and give attention to a subject improves. The ability of your brain to coordinate its two hemispheres and to perfect fine motor skills is dependent upon your body alignment. Balance board can also be applied to therapy, by using the balance board in sensory integration therapy sessions, the patients with sensory integration disorder were helped to improve eye control, coordination, concentration under the basic balance board training day by day.

This is because that balance training forced the user to constantly be using neural networks in order to coordinate the mind and body. This helps us to be better learners.

14.4 Improve Your Posture

Poor posture is extremely common these days. A lot of the problem results from the fact that we are constantly sedentary and looking at a screen. The Balance

Board offers a solution and an antidote to all of those hours that we spend on technology. By strengthening the deep stabilizer muscles of the torso, you’ll build a strong foundation for your spinal bones. Correcting your posture through Balance Board training will make you less prone to injury. It will also enable you to project a more positive self-image to the world.

14.5 Develop the Mind-Muscle Connection

The ability to completely focus on the task at hand is often what separates success from failure. While using the board, they are feeling the contraction and extension and they are self-monitoring their form. They are in the moment and the only thing that matters is successfully completing the set. Learning to train this way doesn’t come easy. Yet, the Balance Board forces you to do it constantly. Every second on the board requires you to be switched into what your muscles are doing. By spending time on the Balance Board you will develop your mind-muscle connection, which you will then be able to extend to the other aspects of your training in order to maximize your results.

14.6 Progressive and Confident

Various balance board options offer you Balance Board training starting from easy access to the most uncoordinated level, and then progressively move on to unlock more challenging workouts as we gain confidence.

14.7 Great for Kids

Developing balance and coordination starts from an early age. It’s a marvel to see a toddler master the ability to walk in just a few months. However, many children today lack the basics of body awareness, coordination, core strength, etc.

Balance Boards are being used in physical education classes around the globe to help children to develop not only their balance and coordination but also their posture and core strength. They are also proving effective to help children with conditions such as improving their coordination.

15. Balance board branding

Creation and innovation is the core value of our company, and we are open to all ideas and voices. At Meta2Balance, customization or branding is warmly welcomed and accepted. We are devoted to helping our customers to establish or enrich their brands.

We Do All That to Support Your Brand Ideas. You Design It, We Make It.


We hope that this FAQ guide would have answered all your questions about your balance board business. We recommend you keep in mind all these features before designing and buying them. Are you looking to custom your balance board at wholesale prices in China? Please have a look at our wooden balance boards to know more and get an instant quote now!

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